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Халипалъул документация[ралагьи] [хисизаби] [история] [бацӀцӀин]

This module does the processing for three userbox templates, {{userbox}}, {{userbox-2}} and {{userbox-r}}.

Template Description Examples
{{userbox}} Makes userboxes with an id on the left-hand side, or with no id.

{{userbox-2}} Makes userboxes with an id on both the left- and right-hand sides.
{{userbox-r}} Makes userboxes with an id on the right-hand side. Халип:Userbox-r

To use any of these templates from a wiki page, please see the individual template pages for documentation. To generate userboxes directly from Lua, read on.

Generating userboxes from Lua[код хисизабизе]

To generate a userbox directly from Lua, first load the module.

local userbox = require('Module:Userbox')

You can then run any of the three templates with the code:

userbox.main(functionName, args)

For {{userbox}} use the function name "_userbox"; for {{userbox-2}} use the function name "_userbox-2"; and for {{userbox-r}} use the function name "_userbox-r". The args parameter is a table of arguments to pass to the different userbox functions. To see a list of valid arguments, please consult the individual template pages.

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