МухІаммад Ал-ГІарифи

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МухІаммад Ал-ГІарифи
гӀар. محمد العريفي‎‎
Хъулухъ: Дагӏватчи,гӏалимчи
Гьавураб къо-моцІ: 15 июля 1970(1970-07-15) (49 лет)
Гьавураб бакІ: СагӀудиязул ГӀарабия, Рияд
ВатІанчилъи: p27
Сайт: arefe.com

ГӀабдурахӀманил МухІаммад Ал-ГІарифи (гӀар. محمد العريفي‎‎) (гьавуна 1970 соналъул 15 июлалъ) - исламалъул дагӀватчи ва шаргӀияб гӀелмуялъул устар. Гьединго гьев вуго СагӀуд Ханасул ЖамигӀалъул профессор[1] ва СагӀудиялъул ралъдалгун-рагъул къуваталъул Фагьд Ханасул академиялъул мажгиталъул имам. ГӀалимчи Ибн Базихъ цӀаларав вуго.

ЖамгӀиял сайтазда[хисизабизе | вики-текст хисизабизе]

МухІаммад Ал-ГІарифи, 2009

2015 соналъул 15 маялда Ал-ГІарифил Фейсбукалда бугеб гьумералъ бакӀарана 16 миллион лайк, ва гьединго Твиттералда 11.9 миллион чияс подписка гьабун буго гьесухъе. Гьединлъидал, гьесул аккаунт уна гӀаламалдаго 100 бищун машгьурал аккаунтазда гьоркьоб ва гьелъ тӀоцебесеб бакӀ ккола Гьоркьохъеб Бакъбаккул аккаунтазда гьоркьоб[2].

Al-Arefe and the 2013 Egyptian coup d'état[хисизабизе | вики-текст хисизабизе]

Шаблон:BLP unsourced section In July 2013, Al-Arefe was arrested by the Saudi authoritiesШаблон:Clarify for what is believedШаблон:By whom to be an interrogation on the basis of his political, moral, and religious positions regarding the coup d'état in Egypt. It was speculatedШаблон:By whom that the arrest was in response to a complaint filed by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to its Saudi counterpart. The complaint claimed that Al-Arefe was intervening in Egyptian domestic affairs.Шаблон:Verify-inline Before his release, he signed a pledge not to interfere in Egyptian affairs and was released afterwards but placed under house arrest. He was also banned from traveling to Doha, where he was scheduled to deliver a religious lecture there. The Saudi authorities never announced the reason behind Al-Arefe's arrest.

Views[хисизабизе | вики-текст хисизабизе]

In June 2013, an article in the British newspaper The Independent said "He has in the past accused Shias of being responsible for kidnapping, cooking and skinning children before placing their remains outside the family home for their parents to find."[1]

His official web site said he rejects "right-wing media allegations that he may have contributed to the radicalization of three British born Muslims seen in a recently released video by ISIS." It quotes him as saying "I have a positive working relationship with many government institutions around the world including Saudi Arabia where I am a member of an academic body specializing in discrediting terrorist ideology. My position vis-à-vis ISIS is very clear as I am vehemently opposed to the brutal methods employed by many of their fighters and categorically condemn their extremism. I have personally published a number of academic works highlighting the numerous fallacies in their pernicious and divisive ideology."[3]

Controversies[хисизабизе | вики-текст хисизабизе]

Al-Arefe was banned from entering Switzerland for holding extreme views.[1]

A June 2013 article in The Independent said that the Al Khoei Foundation, "a leading mainstream Muslim group" of Shiites in the UK, expressed concern about "divisive and sectarian personalities" after his arrival there, noting the prior ban from entering Switzerland and saying he has frequently preached against "evil Shiites".[1] In March 2014, he was banned by the Home Office from returning to Britain after a series of sermons in Cardiff, Birmingham and London. A Home Office spokesperson said: "We can confirm Mohammad Al-Arefe has been excluded from the United Kingdom. The Government makes no apologies for refusing people access to the UK if we believe they represent a threat to our society. Coming here is a privilege that we refuse to extend to those who seek to subvert our shared values."[4][5]

ХӀалтӀаби[хисизабизе | вики-текст хисизабизе]

  • Шаблон:Ar icon al-Mufid fi Taqrib Ahkaam al-adhan: 124 fatwa tahummu mu'adhdhin wa-al-Sami `al-adhan Dar al-Hijrah, al-Riyadh, 1995 (the prayer and the fatwas)
  • Шаблон:Ar icon al-Durar Bahiyah fi al-al-al-alghaz fiqhiyah: akthar min 300 min lughz Fiqhi muntakhabah kutub al-fiqh, mudhayyalah bi-wa-lata'if Fawa `id Maktabat al -lil-Ma `arif wa al-Nashr Tawzi` al-Riyadh, 2000 (the Islamic law and the Hanbalis)

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ХӀужаби[хисизабизе | вики-текст хисизабизе]

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